Our Vision & Mission

In our age, sport considered as the most important indicator of development of a country. We believe that our youth who are wise, equipped and highly self-confident will undertake the locomotive of development.

We see "Youth" and "Sport" as supplements, partners and invisible parts for each other to build a strong future. With this understanding, we accept investment to youth as an investment to future and every penny spent for sport substructure as the first and the most important condition of a healthy society.
Because of our belief in our youth who are not running after change but shape it, we accept our youth who are the future of Holland as the most important source of wealth and we try to determine Sport Activities in this area with our youth.
I present 2017-2026 years Short Activity Report prepared by Holland Ice Academy to your attention.
Yours respectfully,

Emre Yunus SAMSA
Holland Ice Academy Director Manager